News / Slider / May 16, 2017

World’s largest health big data institute opens in Oxford

Nicola was delighted to attend the grand opening of Oxford’s new Big Data Institute, the second phase of the £90m Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Information and Discovery. The Centre is a collaboration between the Li Ka Shing Foundation, Robertson Foundation, UKRI, MRC, British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK, and has chosen Oxford as its home.

The Centre brings together researchers from across the health science sector to analyse large scale biomedical data and speed up our understanding of diseases and the development of new treatments for chronic health conditions.

The opening was attended Chancellor Chris Patten, Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, Vice Chancellor Louise Richardson.

Find out more here: World’s largest health big data institute opens in Oxford

Nicola says: Oxford is consistently at the centre of scientific and healthcare discovery, and now the Big Data Institute based here will lead the way in the emerging field of big data in medicine and will be essential in meeting the great global health challenges of our time.


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