News / Slider / October 12, 2016

Visit to leading Mother and Baby Unit to discuss mental health

Nicola visited the East London NHS Foundation Trust to see the Mother and Baby Unit and discuss maternal mental health with staff and patients.

The Trust runs a specialist Unit for mothers who experience severe mental health difficulties during and after pregnancy. The team is trained in treating women from diverse cultures and a combination of mental health nurses, nursery nurses, social therapists and a life skills recovery worker along with psychologists to offer a range of services to mothers, infants and families.

The Centre does fantastic work with women and young infants to address maternal mental health issues and ensures women can remain with their baby while accessing support services tailored to their individual needs.

Nicola says: I was so impressed by the outstanding work under way at the East London NHS FT, and the more services that can offer opportunities like this the better. Its crucial that we support new mothers, many of whom may have had a traumatic birth or pregnancy and the benefit that specialists can provide in a safe environment like this are simply invaluable.




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