News / Slider / June 11, 2016

Traditional Bun Throwing to celebrate Queen’s Birthday

Bun Throwing is a 400 year old tradition unique to Abingdon, it happens only on major Royal, national, and civic events, and this Bun Throwing to place to celebrate the Queen’s 90 Birthday. This very special local event sees Nicola, the Mayor and local Councillors climb to the top of the County Hall and throw hundreds of buns at local residents! This year 4,500 buns were thrown in 12 minutes down on to huge crowds in the market place.

Hundreds of people came to the market place to enjoy the festivities, and this year the buns were specially baked with a crown design on the top. As the crowds gathered, there was Morris Dancing and the Abingdon Town Band played the National Anthem. There was also a hot air balloon taking some great shots looking down on the crowd, see here for more photos:

Nicola says: Our traditional Bun Throwing is part of what makes Abingdon-on-Thames truly unique, and its wonderful to see the whole town come together and celebrate the Queen’s Birthday.

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