News / Slider / January 30, 2015

Supporting Life Saving Cancer Research

In the past forty years cancer survival rates have doubled so that now 2 in 4 people survive cancer, and it is clear that early diagnosis is vital to give people the best chance of successful treatment.

Nicola was delighted to visit Abingdon’s Cancer Research shop and support the ‘Cross Out Cancer’ campaign. Cancer Research shops contributed over £76 million to the £351 million it spend on research to prevent, control and cure cancers in 2013/14, and their team of 40,000 volunteers play a vital role in raising both funds and awareness.

People deserve the best cancer treatment, and the Governments life-saving £1.16 billion Cancer Drugs Fund is to receive a funding boost from £280 million in 2014/15 to £320 million in 2015/16. The Cancer Drugs Fund has helped more than 60,000 cancer patients since it was set up four years ago, and provides pioneering drugs to those who need them most.

Nicola will continue to do all she can to support the work of Cancer Reseach UK and to raise awareness of the signs of cancer to achieve earlier diagnoses.


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