News / Slider / June 9, 2016

Science for a safer world

The Science and Technology Committee, led by Nicola, has launched its inquiry on the Government’s Forensic Science Strategy, and has visted LGC Forensics in Twickenham. LGC is a world leader in forensic science provider, working with police in the UK and internationally on overseas investigations, government and private organisations throughout the world.

LCG is the world’s largest private provider of forensic science, aiming to help the criminal justice system through expert analysis of biological, chemical and physical samples.

The Committee toured the digital forensics, drugs and DNA automation facilities, hearing about recent investments in equipment development to support policing and projects aiming to take forensic science to the next level of effectiveness and keep pace with the rest of the world.

Nicola says: As a world leading, British life sciences company LGC not only has key insights into what the Government can do better to support research and development but is also leading the way on the future on innovation in emerging crimes like cyber and biotech but also better ways to support the criminal justice system in ways we are more familiar with like DNA and fingerprinting.


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