News / Slider / January 12, 2016

Reaction Engines Ltd: Next Generation Space Travel

Nicola visited a high-tech engine company at the Culham Science Centre on Friday where a £20.6 million investment from BAE Systems was announced.

Reaction Engines Ltd. is one of many cutting-edge companies working on the site, and is developing ground-breaking aircraft engine technology to provide high speed transport and low cost space travel.

Nicola met with engineers and apprentices, and was given a tour of the facilities to see first-hand the hard work of the team and the impressive array of equipment in use.

This latest investment comes alongside a huge £60 million investment from the UK Government, and will propel the company towards being able to demonstrate its breakthrough SABRE engine, which the European Space Agency has said will be a “major breakthrough in propulsion worldwide”. It will also mean that the company can continue to grow, with plans to double the number of engineers and train more apprentices.

Nicola says This investment is a major vote of confidence in next generation space travel and I am delighted by today’s announcement. It marks out our local space sector as major international players, strengthening our position as a global leader. It is a fantastic boost for local jobs and apprenticeships, our economy, and the UK’s ‘science superpower’ status.

It was a real privilege to see the high-tech site up close, the team’s dedication and hard working ethos was clear and it is evident to me that their success so far is not only hard won but also that it is only the beginning.

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