News / Slider / January 22, 2016

Progress on the Oxford Flood Relief Channel

Nicola has long been working to secure funding for the vital Oxford and Abingdon Flood Relief Scheme, and now, along with funding committed by the Environment Agency and local councils, over £100m is now in place and work can begin on the Channel.

Nicola has been clear on her commitment to ensure that the scheme is delivered on time and in budget and achieves the best level of flood protection possible for homes in Oxford and Abingdon.

This week, Nicola dropped in to one of the public events in Oxford organised by the Environment Agency to update locals on investigations and construction proposals. This provided a valuable opportunity to speak with officials from the EA and find out how modelling work is ensuring all of Oxford and Abingdon are better protected.

Detailed ground investigations have been undertaken to identify possible channel routes and the EA is aiming for construction in 2018.

Nicola says The EA have been doing detailed ground modelling and investigations are continuing; what is clear is a commitment to bringing significant flood relief benefits to the whole of Oxford and Abingdon. Over 7,600 homes and businesses across my constituency will see the benefits of this Channel, and I will be doing all I can to ensure it is delivered efficiently and effectively.

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