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MPs meet in Divinity Schools for first time in 350 years

Nicola brought the Science & Technology Select Committee, which she chairs, to Oxford for a special sitting at the Bodleian Library in Oxford during which the MPs heard presentations from experts and gathered further evidence for their ongoing inquiries on Ebola and Big Data. 

The event was part of a day-long Parliament Week 2015 workshop for local sixth formers organised by The Bodleian Libraries. The Bodleian Libraries has been a partner of Parliament Week since it began in 2011. Parliament Week is a programme of events and activities coordinated by the House of Commons to increase awareness of how Parliament works.

The occasion offered an opportunity for Oxford to mark this year’s historic political anniversaries, commemorating both 1625 and 1665 when Parliament met in the University of Oxford’s Divinity School, which is now part of the Bodleian Library. 2015 is also the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta and marks 750 years since the first De Montfort Parliament.

As happened in 1665, MPs sat in the Divinity School. It was particularly fitting to have the Committee meet there where Parliament met on a number of occasions in the 17th Centure and where information is stored and preserved; made available to researcher and academics.

This time, however, they had an audience of 90 Oxfordshire Sixth Form students who asked pointed and challenging questions, showing real engagement with the issues at hand.

Nicola says: I was proud to come to Oxford, my home City, to chair this special session of the Science & Technology Select Committee as part of Parliament Week. This Committee has never met outside London before and it is inspiring to be in the Divinity School which has an historic link with Parliament.

For more information on the work of Nicola’s committee, follow this link: Science and Technology Committee website

(Photo credit: Oxford Mail)



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