News / Slider / November 4, 2015

Oxon heads grill the Prime Minister on fairer funding

Nicola and other Oxfordshire Members of Parliament welcomed the Headteachers’ of local schools to Parliament to discuss fairer funding, recruitment and post-16 education with the Prime Minister.

Thirteen secondary school Headteachers from across Oxfordshire came to Parliament for the meeting to discuss how to develop and maintain outstanding education provision over the coming years. Nicola was pleased to be able to go along, catching up with two of her local Heads from Fitzharry’s School and John Mason school.

Oxfordshire is an ‘f40 authority’, meaning that it was one of the lowest funded education authorities in England. Nicola has long been involved in the f40 campaign, pushing for a better deal for Oxfordshire, and so this proved a valuable opportunity to raise it again with the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister acknowledged that fairer funding had been a manifesto commitment since 2010 and committed to work with the Education Secretary to deliver it.

Also on the agenda were recruitment and retention of outstanding teachers – of course this is affected by other factors such as local house prices, as well as the challenges in maintaining Post-16 provision in Oxfordshire, academy school funding, and issues for rural schools.

Nicola says: Today’s meeting was a valuable chance to make our case to the Prime Minister for a fairer school funding formula, and to discuss the ways in which our schools are working to raise standards and ensure first class teaching is available for all local children, regardless of their circumstances. I was particularly pleased to hear the Prime Minister reiterate his commitment to a fair funding formula and I look forward to hearing it being announced in the very near future.

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