News / Slider / August 8, 2014

Nominet Trust: Stimulating Social Enterprise

Oxford’s Nominet Trust is the UK’s leading Social Tech funding body.

Since 2009 they have directly awarded over £17m in grant funding to social tech ventures. 50% of these ventures are early stage but they all keep 100% of their equity and 100% of their IP.

Nominet also provide business support to their start ups, including mentoring, networking, evaluation and business planning. And publish the influential Social Tech Guide.

The Social Tech Guide launched in 2013 as the ‘Nominet Trust 100’, a list of the 100 most inspiring social tech innovations from across the world. Today a team  of prominent digital and social entrepreneurs by led Charles Leadbeater put together an annual shortlist of the world’s most inspiring applications of digital technology for social good..

Nicola says: ‘ The UK is poised to lead the world in social tech and Oxford is at the very heart of this insurgency. From the Skoll Institute to the Oxford Student Hub to the Nominet Trust, local social entrepreneurs developing cutting edge innovations that can transform our approach to the most intransigent and complex of the challenges facing us today: climate change, chronic disease and unequal access to education or healthcare.

‘Working alongside Nesta, the Princes Trust and the Cabinet Office, the Nominet Trust is playing a pivotal role in developing and maturing the UK Social Tech sector into something truly revolutionary.’

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