News / Slider / March 11, 2016

Nicola visits Opus Energy Ltd – supporting local jobs, consumers and growth

Nicola visited one of Oxford’s many vital local employers, Opus Energy, to hear more about their activity in Oxford and future expansion plans.

Opus is a national business energy supplier that has won numerous awards, including the prestigious ‘Independent Energy Supplier of the Year’ award in 2010. In July 2015, they broke the dominance of the so-called ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers in the business market, positioning the company as the sixth largest supplier in the business market.

Opus is investing in its Oxford office and is a valuable local employer, currently employing 110 staff. The company is on track to create more local jobs in future, now growing at an annual rate of 23 per cent.

Nicola met with Managing Director, Louise Boland, to discuss the impressive growth of the business in Oxford, the energy requirements of local businesses, and opportunities for customers. Nicola also discussed the wider energy market and the work being done to ensure a level playing field for challenger businesses like Opus.

Nicola says Opus Energy makes a valuable contribution to our local jobs market and I was pleased to visit their Oxford office today. It is encouraging that they are growing at such a staggering rate – this will bring more jobs to Oxford and boost our local economy.

Their new position as the sixth-largest UK energy supplier is also welcome news for consumers, because with greater choice comes greater competition, and, ultimately, lower prices. I commend their efforts and look forward to hearing about their progress in future.

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