News / Slider / October 15, 2014

Nicola takes A34 Fight to the Treasury

Today Nicola met with the Chancellor to make the case for major investment in the A34. Nicola called for the meeting in Treasury Questions in September, telling the Chancellor that the appalling congestion along the route makes life miserable for families and commuters.

In today’s meeting Nicola made her case in the strongest possible terms, stressing the need not only for investment along the whole of the route, but for urgent action to tackle the specific problems in Abingdon and at key pinch points along the A34, including at Lodge Hill, Botley and Pear Tree interchanges.

Nicola explained that with so much investment in local science and innovation sectors, crucial funding announcements in the City Deal and Growth Deal, the creation of tens of thousands of jobs and falling unemployment across the county, along with much needed housing along the route, it is absolutely essential that this is backed up with the necessary infrastructure.

The Chancellor reassured Nicola that he would look into the specific points she has raised and consider possible solutions carefully, before coming back to her shortly. In the meantime, Nicola is continuing to press the Department for Transport for this essential investment and will keep up the pressure to speed up the process of creating a Route Based Strategy.

Nicola says: ‘Today I made the case to the Chancellor in no uncertain terms that the A34 simply cannot sustain the level of traffic we are seeing at present and we need a long term plan for improvement along the whole of the A34. My constituents are struggling daily to get to work and businesses are reluctant to start-up and expand in Oxford because of the congestion, these individual improvements along the route are simply not enough and we need urgent investment along the A34 as a whole.’

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