News / Slider / December 12, 2015

Nicola speaks up for vulnerable detainees

Nicola has joined other MPs from all parties and sponsored New Clause 13 calling for changes to the Immigration Bill.

This Clause would require the Home Secretary to create a working group, as recommended by the APPG Parliamentary Report, to make concrete progress on introducing a time limit for immigration detention.

The Government’s Immigration Bill is currently completing its journey through Parliament, and builds on the reforms made in the last Parliament to tackle illegal immigration. It will address illegal working and labour market abuses, ensuring that only those migrants who live lawfully in the UK can access services such as renting accommodation and using UK bank accounts.

With Campsfield House, an Immigration Detention Centre, in her constituency, Nicola is acutely aware of many of the issues surrounding immigration detention. While detention is an important part of our criminal justice system, we must act to protect vulnerable detainees.

During the debate in the House, the Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire MP, explained that the Government is conducting a review into the wider issue of detention- expected to report back in the New Year. The Minister was keen to point out that Home Office policy is to safeguard against unnecessary or arbitrary detention.

To read the full transcript of the debate click here.

Nicola says It is vital that the health and wellbeing of all detainees, some of whom may be very vulnerable is safeguarded at all times. The UK is one of only a few countries within the Council of Europe not to have an upper time limit on detention, and I am pleased to see this commitment to the comprehensive independent review.

I will be following developments here carefully, and look forward to hearing the outcome of the review.

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