News / Slider / September 10, 2016

Nicola represents UK at G7 Health Meeting

The G7 Kobe Health Ministers’ Meeting brings together Ministers from Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the US and the UK, as well as the European Commission, to discuss the most pressing health problems facing the international community today.

Nicola attended to represent the UK, meeting international Health experts from Government’s across the globe and take part in high level Ministerial meetings to exchange views and form a consensus on a variety of health issues. Leaders considered issues including strengthening the response to public health emergencies, learning lessons from outbreaks such as Ebola, maternal and child health, and how health systems respond to ageing and diseases.

Leaders were clear on the need to support Research and Development (R&D) and innovation, which will ensure the sustainability of our health systems while also driving forward national initiatives, and discussions focused on identifying actions to ensure this is realised.

Nicola says: All G7 Ministers recognise the importance of ensuring health lives and wellbeing for all at all ages, and are determined to commit to a healthier world where all people can receive the basic quality services they need, and are protected from public health threats.

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