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Nicola Challenges Immigration Minister on Campsfield House proposals

During Home Office Questions on Monday, Nicola challenged the Immigration & Security Minister, James Brokenshire MP, to withdraw the Government’s ill conceived plan to double the size of Campsfield House Detention Centre.

She asked the Minister the following question:

Detention plays a necessary role in our immigration asylum system, but detention centres must be sensitively designed and appropriate to their location. Plans to double the size of Campsfield House are neither and, as such, they are unsurprisingly opposed by both the independent monitoring board and the people of Kidlington. Will the Minister reconsider his plans as they will not work for the detainees or for the local community?

James Brokenshire MP, Minister of State for Immigration, responded:

I certainly recognise the local issues that my hon. Friend has highlighted and which she and I have discussed outside this House. It is right that the Government have the appropriate immigration detention facilities in place in the right parts of the country, and that is part of the overall reforms that we are putting in place to secure and achieve that. None the less, I note her comments and we will continue to reflect on them.

Nicola is clear that she will keep up the pressure on the Home Office to re-think these proposals. To sign Nicola’s petition to the Home Secretary please click here- Campsfield Doubling in size? No, Home Secretary.

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