News / March 3, 2017

Nicola Cleans Up at OxClean

Each year since 2009 Nicola has led a local team taking part in a city-wide spring clean. OxClean involves over 80 community groups and 1000 people who come together to clear litter across our public spaces and it builds more and more momentum each year.

Every year over 60 tonnes of litter is cleared from Oxford’s streets throughout the Spring Clean weekend. Dropping litter costs councils hundreds of millions of pounds each year to clear up and spoils our environment, so OxClean is a great way for residents to get active while improving our surroundings.

More info on OxClean is available here:

Nicola says: It’s always excellent to see the community come together to clean up our local environment and I’d like to thank everyone who took part helping to spruce up our neighbourhood and raise awareness. OxClean has a real impact on our city and we want to encourage locals to take pride in our community.

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