News / Slider / March 12, 2015

Nicola backs innovative local specs business

Nicola brought the Cabinet Office Minister, Oliver Letwin MP, to Oxford to see for himself the exciting and innovative work of Adlens.

The group had a tour of the factory, seeing the fascinating way in which the different types of lenses are made and watching scientists developing the lenses in the lab and heard from the Adlens team how the General Optical Council and Government could support their work by abolishing out of date regulations which prohibit the sales of adjustable eyewear direct to the wearer in the UK. Customers in the US and Japan are already able to buy Adlens products directly from the company.

Although they trade and have offices all over the world, Adlens have chosen to locate their headquarters and research development facility in Oxford thanks to the combined advantages of Oxford’s Tech Cluster and the UK’s favourable business climate. Adlens create glasses that can be adjusted by the wearer, allowing them to be completely in control of their vision and easily adjusted as their eyes develop and mature, or as they need to use them for reading etc.

This technology not only has convenience value for the developed world but, as Adlens charitable partner Vision for a Nation puts it, has the potential to improve access to vision correction in the developing world by empowering nurses and health workers to provide basic vision assessments and offer affordable, adjustable eyeglasses.

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