News / Slider / April 14, 2014

Flood Summit: Community, Emergency Services and Politicians Determined on Defences

Oxfordshire MPs, the Emergency Services, Councillors, the Environment Agency, the Local Enterprise Partnership, Network Rail and local Flood Action Groups gathered today at County Hall to discuss the impact of recent flooding on householders, businesses and the local economy and commit to implementing long-term solutions to flooding in the County.

Crucially, the Summit agreed to appoint a Steering Group who would work to fund and deliver the £127m Oxford Flood Relief Channel, which modelling shows will protect almost 4000 homes, and £4m Abingdon Defence Scheme which will protect over 380 homes.

Nicola says: Today’s Flood Summit was vital for securing long term flood defences for Oxford and Abingdon. It offered an excellent platform for the County Council, MPs, EA, LEP, Network Rail and local flood action groups, to discuss in detail exactly how we can implement essential flood defences for Oxford and Abingdon. After today’s summit I am in no doubt that that while everyone appreciates the scale of the challenge we face, there was widespread and serious commitment to making the Western Conveyance and Abingdon Schemes a reality. Of course the real test of today’s Summit will be how successful we all are in following up and delivering on these commitments. It will take genuine cooperation and sustainable funding. I for one, will continue to do everything I can to ensure that Oxford and Abingdon get their Flood Defences.

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