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I before E: No Development Without Enough Drainage

Following the recent flooding, when far too many communities battled with the appalling effects of overloaded drains, Nicola has taken up multiple cases with Thames Water and held discussions with them and specific representatives from the worst hit communities about how Thames Water can improve both their local infrastructure and their flood response. 

In addition, however, given the problems we already have, residents regularly raise concerns about the need to ensure that any additional development properly takes into account the need for adequate drainage. This is exactly the point Nicola made to the Planning Minister:

In the House of Commons on 7th April, Nicola asked the following question:

Nicola Blackwood: This winter, my constituents struggled not only with the destruction of river flooding, but with the revolting effects of foul-water flooding and inadequate drainage. We have a severe housing shortage, so it is right that we should be building houses, but this must not make the situation any worse. What steps is the Minister taking to strengthen consultation with water companies during the planning process, and will he meet me and local representatives to discuss the matter?

Nick Boles (Planning Minister): I am sure everybody in the House can imagine just how horrible it must be for their own home to be affected by their drains backing up. Of course it is important that every local authority consults, as they are statutorily required to do, with water companies when they draw up their local plans. I would of course be delighted to meet my hon. Friend and any of her constituents to discuss any particular case.

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