News / Slider / July 4, 2016

National Action Day to end global poverty

Nicola met with a group of activists from across the country who came to Parliament on a national day of action to discuss international development and discuss issues key to ending poverty. Results UK are a campaign group aiming to bring about an end to global poverty and examine Government policy, encouraging parliamentarians to think creatively and find innovative solutions to global problems.

Nicola has long held an interest in this policy area and international development more broadly. She has been a Member of the Department for International Development’s Gender Advisory Group and is also Co Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Women, Peace and Security. Through these roles she has worked with Foreign Office and International Development Ministers to developing policy on women and girls in conflict and crisis affected areas and, in particular, on preventing sexual violence.

Results UK Campaigners met with a range of civil servants and parliamentarians during their National Conference, and Nicola met with them to hear about their work and discuss Government policy- everything from the Syrian refugee crisis to how small-holder farmers can use their mobile phones to take advantage of innovative new forms of insurance.

Those attending from Results UK, including activists from Oxford and surrounding areas, grilled Nicola on her work as Chair of the Science and Technology Committee and how different policy areas can link together to bring about change including the role of technology in development. They also took the chance to ask about how parliamentarians can further reach out to young people interested in this area.

The group of activists said they were impressed by Nicola’s clear passion for international development and took encouragement from the discussion about how various Government departments can work together to strengthen resilience.

Nicola says: I enjoyed meeting this enthusiastic group of campaigners during their trip to London for the National Conference, this is a great way to engage young people in politics and it is essential that parliamentarians hear from interest groups with knowledge and experience of this area. Its clear that we must continue to direct resources to global health security as well as research and development.



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