News / Slider / March 28, 2017

Much anticipated Rare Diseases Implementation Plan announced

Nicola has championed the Government’s Rare Diseases Strategy, designed to ensure people living with a rare disease have access to the best evidence-based care and treatment, and this week the Government announced that, through NHS England,  they will be publishing an Implementation Plan for the Strategy by the end of the year.

As Minister for Public Health and Innovation, Nicola will be following progress closely as NHS England work with stakeholders on the implementation plan to ensure it successfully improves diagnosis and earlier intervention for those with a rare disease.

Nicola says: Those living with a rare disease will welcome this positive forward to make the 51 commitments of the UK Strategy for Rare Diseases a reality. We are determined to secure real improvements in the care and treatment that all patients deserve as well as working with the medical research community to invest in innovative treatments.


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