News / Slider / June 17, 2015

Mini-Climate Conference as Residents Lobby Parliament

As part of The Climate Coalition’s ‘For the love of’ Campaign, over 30 residents from across Oxford West & Abingdon joined a national lobby of Parliament to raise Climate Change issues.

More than 9000 people from around the UK came together to send a clear message to the 330 MPs they met: act now to protect what we love from climate change.

2015 is a vital year, with climate negotiations coming up internationally, and a newly elected government in the UK, people were there to ask for action – now and for the years to come.

The last big lobby on climate change was before 2010, and more than half of MPs had never been lobbied in a high-profile way on the climate.

Nicola sponsored The Climate Coalition’s ‘For the love of’ Parliamentary Launch last July and continues to be committed to policies which effectively combat Climate Change.

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