News / Slider / April 6, 2017

Long awaited flood barriers in Abingdon welcomed by residents

Ensuring that homes and businesses in both Oxford and Abingdon are fully protected against flooding has been a cornerstone of Nicola’s campaign since becoming a Member of Parliament in 2010, and she has worked alongside District and County Council representatives and the Environment Agency to make this a reality.

After years of lobbying for temporary flood defences at key Abingdon sites, Nicola was pleased to visit Chaunterell Way, Healey Close, Tower Close and Meadowside in Abingdon to see where temporary flood defences will be provided. Nicola attended alongside Abingdon Mayor Alice Badcock and Councillor Mike Badcock to meet with EA representatives and hear about how the flood pumps and barriers will work to protect residents at times of flooding.

The River Ock Abingdon is a well known flooding hotspot, and Nicola knows it is vital that action is taken to protect homes, businesses and the environment from the impact of flooding. This comes as the Oxford and Abingdon Flood Alleviation Scheme is being developed and the EA are due to put proposals out for consultation in the Spring.

Nicola says: Abingdon residents want to know that preventative action is being taken to protect their homes and livelihoods should our area flood again, and these temporary defences will help to provide that security.

At the same time, we cannot let the pressure drop on the wider Flood Alleviation Scheme and the Environment Agency will soon be putting proposals directly to residents to ensure we get the best possible flood relief channel and genuinely reduce flood risk.

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