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Its Time to Talk!

Mental Health is not only a personal priority for the Prime Minister and Health Secretary, but across Government and for Nicola herself as Minister for Public Health and Innovation as well as locally.

Nicola is acutely aware of the risk for new mothers in developing mental health complications, ranging from postnatal depression to psychosis. She met with the author of the popular Baby Bible blog and mum-of-two who, Olivia, who was diagnosed with postnatal depression and psychosis six months after the birth of her first child and is now a trailblazer in the fight against the stigma that still surrounds perinatal mental illness.

Nicola is championing investment in NHS mental health treatment; the Government is investing £365 million to improve specialist perinatal mental health services over the next five years, and NHS England is leading a programme of work which will help reach 30,000 more women every year.

Read Nicola’s blog post about the meeting and wider mental health initiative online here: Its Time to Talk!

Nicola says: I am proud to support Time to Talk day, which encourages everyone to talk more openly about mental health and what we can do as a society to support each other with mental health problems.

It was Olivia’s husband, friends, a programme of talking therapy and writing her blog that helped Olivia through her struggles after the births of her two children, and she now campaigns for greater understanding and earlier diagnosis of perinatal mental illness. Olivia’s story is all too common, and as the Minister for Mental Health I am committed to making sure that every family like Olivia’s gets the support they need.

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