News / Slider / January 22, 2016

Innovative science underway at Oxford University

Nicola visited the University of Oxford’s world leading physics department to learn about their current projects and see the new building on site.

She took a tour of the Clarendon Laboratory and heard from Professors at the University about the development of new instruments and tools for applications in fundamental physics research and technological spin-offs.

Nicola took a peek at the work underway on the new Physics building, before touring the Wolfson Laboratory to hear about ongoing research in photovoltaics and commercialization opportunities in this area.

Nicola also learnt about Quantum technologies which the Departments of Physics, Engineering, Materials and Computer Science have been collaborating on to develop their joint Networked Quantum Information Technologies (NQIT) programme. This programme is lead by Oxford physics, and also works with eight other universities and a number of industrial partners.

To learn more about these projects, visit the department’s web page here.

Nicola says This was a fascinating afternoon learning about current projects underway at the Clarendon and Wolfson laboratories. Oxford leads the way conducting cutting-edge research and is training the next generation of young physicists to continue this invaluable work which we must continue to foster here in Oxfordshire.



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