News / Slider / September 15, 2014

I before E: Link Road Essential for Northern Gateway

Nicola has formally objected to the Area Action Plan for the proposed Northern Gateway development making it clear that the Strategic Link Road West of the A34, originally proposed as part of the application, is essential infrastructure that needs to be in place before the development is finalised in order to make it sustainable.

The Planning Inspector made clear in his findings back in 2011 that the proposed Northern Gateway development could not go ahead without the agreement and implementation of a sustainable package of measures ‘designed to mitigate the impact on the local and strategic road networks’. Therefore, with the proposal as it currently stands, Nicola has submitted her objections arguing that we need a credible, funded solution to the traffic problems.

In her submission, Nicola has detailed her concerns regarding traffic and congestion and the ability of our infrastructure to cope with such a large-scale development, along with environmental considerations and concerns about protections for Green belt land.

Nicola is clear that Oxford City Council must re-think its approach to this site.

To read Nicola’s submission to the consultation in full, please click here: Nicola Blackwood MP Northern Gateway Consultation Submission



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