News / Slider / August 12, 2014

I before E: Drayton Road Development

Nicola has submitted detailed objections to the Vale of White Horse District Council’s consultation on proposals for 159 new homes on Drayton Road.

We certainly need more affordable housing locally, and there is no doubt that the task facing the Vale of White Horse District Council to find sites for these homes is no small one, but Nicola has consistently said that you can’t put the cart before the horse. If you are going to build 160 houses you have to make sure that the local infrastructure can cope with it. The volume of traffic is already above capacity, and this additional housing will serve only to make the situation worse.

Abingdon residents have had to battle with traffic congestion for years, particularly on Drayton Road, and Oxfordshire County Council had rejected the proposals last year on the grounds of pedestrian safety with regard to the re-positioning of two pedestrian crossings, on Ock Street and Marcham Road.

Nicola was concerned to learn that the proposals submitted this year are largely unchanged to those previously rejected, and was clear in her objections that the Council should refuse this application. In addition, the site lies only a short distance to the East of the Abingdon Flood Plain and, given the chaos caused by flooding, any planning application must take into account the very real threat of increasing flood risk and the risk of creating localised drainage problems.

To read Nicola’s submission in full, please click the following link: P14V1196FUL_Nicola Blackwood MP_20140812



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