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Growth Deal: Great News on Jobs, Flood Defences and Tech


Nicola strongly welcomes key Government investment in local skills, flood defences and transport announced today as part of the flagship Oxfordshire Growth Deal.

The Deal, building on the successful £1.2bn Oxfordshire City Deal announced in January, will see at least £108.5m of Government funding invested in Oxfordshire’s innovation economy.

It will create 5,700 jobs and 4,000 homes and generate at least £100m of further private sector investment.

The specific schemes included in the Growth Deal are:

  • Headington Phase 1 & Eastern Arc Transport Improvements – a package of junction and local road improvements to support growth in the Headington area of Oxford – a centre for medical research and the location of the bio-escalator at Oxford University Old Road campus, which was part-funded via the Oxford City Deal.
  • Oxfordshire Flood Risk Management Scheme and Upstream Flood Storage at Northway – a comprehensive package of measures to mitigate the risks of damage to over 4,500 homes, businesses and transport connections caused by flooding that has hit the area in five of the last ten years.
  • Centre for Applied Superconductivity – a new centre of innovation to coordinate the interaction between key industry players, Oxford University, cryogenics companies, and end users (including SMEs) on the Harwell campus and at the Culham Centre for Fusion Research Campus.
  • Science Vale Cycle Network improvements – improving the cycle paths to allow more people to get to and from work between Science Vale and the newly improved Didcot station by bike.
  • Oxfordshire Centre for Technology and Innovation – development of a Technology and Innovation Training Centre in Oxford to address STEM shortages across engineering, electrical, design, and emerging technologies.
  • Advanced Engineering and Technology Skills Centre – a collaboration with Abingdon and Witney College to address skills shortages and train technicians to work in high-tech businesses and research organisations.
  • Oxford Science Transit Scheme – expanding the integrated public transport system and connecting centres of innovation and economic growth with Oxfordshire’s universities.

Nicola says: ‘The message of Oxfordshire’s City Deal and now the Growth Deal is that the Government believe that it is local people who have a vision for their community and their local economy and trust them to deliver on that vision.’

‘Like the City Deal, this £108.5m is great news for all local people – it will deliver more housing and more jobs; A40 improvements so we can all get to our jobs instead of sitting in stationary traffic; more training at a new Advanced Technology and Engineering Skills Centre in Abingdon, and, crucially, we are step closer to fully funding the Oxford Flood Relief Channel so that so that our homes, businesses, roads and rail are protected from flooding no matter what the weather. Oxford West & Abingdon just became an even better place to live’.

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