News / Slider / January 11, 2016

Emergency sewage repair in Kidlington: Update

Following reports of a burst sewage pipe in Sandy Lane, Kidlington, Nicola visited the affected area to meet with local residents, Councillors, the Fire & Rescue Team and Thames Water to discuss a timely and effective resolution.

It was agreed that Thames Water and Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue would contact the Environment Agency and deploy more pumping engines as a matter of urgency, not to mention dramatically improve their communication with local people moving forwards.

Following Nicola’s visit, and in spite of continued rain fall making conditions difficult, Thames Water wrote to Nicola and to affected residents to confirm that the pipe would be fixed in a matter of days.

If residents have any further problems, please do not hesitate to contact Nicola via or 0207 219 7126.

Nicola says It is essential that local agencies move quickly in situations like this and I am glad that Thames Water, Oxon Fire and Rescue and the Environment Agency were able to work quickly and effectively on this. Of course resolutions should be swift and avoid too much of an impact on residents as the repair work takes place.

UPDATE Residents have now informed Nicola that the situation has resolved itself but have requested that a public meeting is organised so that key questions about future investment and contingency plans can be put directly to decision makers at Thames Water. Nicola and local Cllrs Maurice Billington and Neil Prestige have agreed to organise the meeting.




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