News / Slider / July 17, 2015

Dynamic STEM Start Up Thriving in Abingdon

Oxford Technologies, a local spin out that started life at Culham, is an employee-owned company set up by a group of highly-skilled engineers. They have already delivered the world’s first remote handling equipment to operate inside a nuclear fusion reactor.

Their dedicated team, based in Abingdon business park now have a limited company with state-of-the-art facilities that is growing, to increase capacity for large scale projects and partnerships.

Nicola says: It is clear from your first moments with the dymanic team at Oxford Technologies that their success stems not only from the years of dedication that have gone into building the company, and the very specialist team they have put together along the way, but also from the fact that each and every employee quite obviously takes great pleasure in the job at hand: working together to solve engineering problems.

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