News / Slider / April 8, 2015

David Cameron comes to Abingdon

David Cameron came to Abingdon on Saturday 3rd April with the Conservative ‘battlebus’ to help Nicola with her local campaign.

David and Nicola spoke to the hundred-strong activists who came to help deliver Nicola’s leaflets with her Plan for Oxford West & Abingdon, and spread the word about the Conservative message on the doorstep.

Against the backdrop of a growing economy and job creation, Nicola is pledging to continue her fight to improve local infrastructure, including the A34, pushing for infrastructure before expansion, supporting the creation of good jobs and helping young people to gain valuable skills, fighting for vital research, and continuing to demand the local flood defences we have always needed.

If you’d like to communicate with Nicola about her plan, or have any queries at all, please email and Nicola will get back to you.

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