News / Slider / March 7, 2016

British researchers SET for success

Nicola met with talented young Oxfordshire researchers from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) community on Friday as part of a yearly event to foster innovation and R&D in the UK.

Since 1997, SET for BRITAIN has given early-career researchers the chance to showcase their work, and demonstrate their ability to communicate it to a wider audience, in a series of poster competitions and exhibitions in the House of Commons.

The day comprised three poster exhibitions and judging sessions, each ending with a reception and prizes of up to £3,000. The competition attracted around 500 entrants, with 175 selected to present their work in Parliament.

Nicola was impressed, in particular by the strong showing from local constituents and those working in Oxfordshire, across a number of the five categories (Biological and Biomedical Science; Chemistry; Physics; Engineering; and Mathematics). These were:

  • Amelie Joffrin (Physical Sciences);
  • Ana Namburete (Engineering and Maths);
  • Scott Thacker (Engineering and Maths);
  • Damien Frost (Engineering and Maths);
  • Chloe Tartan (Engineering and Maths);
  • Clio Korn (Biology & Biomedical Science);
  • Oiwi parker-Jones (Biology & Biomedical Science); and
  • Bridget Penman (Biology & Biomedical Science).

Oxfordshire is known as a world-leader in these industries and in addition to researchers having the chance to present their work, the event gave Nicola the opportunity to hear more about the current research driving Oxfordshire’s knowledge economy.

Nicola says SET for BRITAIN is a fantastic opportunity for some of our brightest young scientific minds to showcase the current state of STEM research and for me to hear more about the work driving these vital industries in the UK. I welcomed Oxfordshire’s strong showing. I have long campaigned for measures to boost skills-led innovation and growth, and am confident that UK R&D will go from strength to strength in the years ahead.

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