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Nicola has launched a #BrexitTour across her constituency to visit major employers, services and institutions so that she can hear direct from them about the issues that matter to them most as we go in to Brexit negotiations, and then feed this back to Ministers and senior civil servants leading discussions.

Nicola knows local people want their say on Brexit; they want to ensure we sustain our area’s economic growth, protect workers and EU nationals living here, and get the best possible outcome from upcoming negotiations and trade talks.

First up… OUP

That’s why she is kick starting the #BrexitTour with major Oxfordshire employer, Oxford University Press, who employ more than 6,000 people and who’s books, materials and services are sold in 188 countries worldwide. Nicola had a roundtable discussion with OUP Directors, with trade, funding, regulation and people on the agenda all contributing to a lively conversation and key points to take away for the Department for Exiting the EU (DExEU) including on copyright regulations and data protection. OUP have established a Brexit Response Committee to help staff who have concerns about issues such as their immigration status, and Nicola has committed to working with them and take up concerns with the Home Office and other departments where necessary.

Supporting higher education and vital research opportunities

After OUP, Nicola visited Oxford University itself for the next leg of her tour, sitting down with 10 University representatives – their Brexit Committee – to find out more about the conversations already being had with Universities Minister Jo Johnson and discuss issues relevant to the higher education sector. The Prime Minister has been clear on the importance of research and scientific collaboration, and the University is continuing to make representations on key issues such as mobility and staff recruitment. Following the roundtable Nicola will be taking up specific points on Tier 2 visas and other immigration issues with the Immigration Minister and students are encouraged to get in touch if they have concerns about their own status or other issues through the Student Union.

Next up… local farmers

Nicola wanted to hear the views of the agricultural sector, who will be impacted by policy changes as we withdraw from the EU such as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which provides funding to farmers. Nicola visited Manor Farm in Eaton to have a tour of the dairy farm and meet with local farmers, National Farmers Union (NFU) representatives and also the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) to hear their views. Nicola will be taking away key points surrounding labour, trade and regulation, and environmental protections which are important to the sector as the Government takes forward the Great Repeal Bill.

Hearing direct from employers…

Nicola wants to hear direct from both employers and employees about opportunities and concerns for the UK outside of the EU. She visited Elsevier, who are a major investor in digital technology as well as an important local employer.

Nicola met with senior staff and had a tour of Elsevier’s offices, enabling her to discuss ongoing work to support the science and research community and exactly how Brexit will impact on business and staff.


The tour doesn’t stop here. Each day Nicola is out and about knocking on doors, visiting businesses and speaking with her constituents. She is listening and making sure she represents all points of view to Ministers so that our local voice is heard loud and clear. This is the way Oxford West & Abingdon will get the best deal from Brexit

All those constituents and business with concerns are encouraged to get in touch with Nicola via or through the contact page and she will be happy to make representations on your behalf.

Read Nicola’s article about her #Brexit Tour in the Abingdon Herald.

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